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About Us

Mission Statement

Our In-house Collection:

"When it comes to antique jewelry, recreating those looks usually means trying to modernize it and omit the awkward.  Here, we embrace the awkward!  Our designs stay true to the vintage characteristics that caused us to fall in love with them in the first place.  If you are passionate about the Art Deco and Edwardian era, so are we!  Shop our newly designed "vintage" jewelry or ask us how we can create one just for you."

Our Estate Collection:

"In our estate shop, we restore estate jewelry as close to its original state as possible; giving it another 100+ years at life! If there too much damage or we are unable to locate the parts needed (either the original manufacture closed or they don't make them anymore) then we will re-design those into a new piece so that it doesn't get scrapped. Scrapping out metals means that these beautiful treasures will be melted down and recast into new pieces. By purchasing restored or redesigned jewelry, you're helping to keep these timeless heirlooms in circulation."

-Samantha Ro

Samantha's Story

Over the past twenty years, Samantha has been a part of the jewelry industry in multiple ways.  From selling high-end designer lines to working with local designers and managing, buying, and merchandising their stores.  

In 2015, Samantha pursued designing independently and organically grew a business.  In the beginning of 2021, she launched an additional business restoring estate jewelry.  This is where she found her true passion as her eyes have always been drawn to vintage and antique adornments. Since then, she has devoted the last few years to keeping these old treasures in circulation.  Samantha has also shifted her custom design to focus on a truly vintage inspired collection of adornments.

Samantha is a major supporter of local farmers and small businesses. 


Meet The Team

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