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About Us

Mission Statement

"In our estate shop, we restore estate jewelry as close to its original state as possible; giving it another 100+ years at life! If there too much damage or we are unable to locate the parts needed (either the original manufacture closed or they don't make them anymore) then we will re-design those into a new piece so that it doesn't get scrapped. Scrapping out metals means that these beautiful treasures will be melted down and recast into new pieces. By purchasing restored or redesigned jewelry, you're helping to keep these timeless heirlooms in circulation.

We are passionate about preserving the past, being present for our customers, and providing the best experience possible so that you will continue to do business with us again in the future."

-Samantha Ro

Samantha Ro

Hi there, friend!

To say that I am passionate about estate jewelry is a total understatement.  

My eyes have always been drawn to vintage and antique jewelry. I love the mix of pearls with diamonds and sapphires, the sometimes awkward settings, and even the imperfect cuts. I also adore the life they have had. These pieces were worn everyday with pride. They symbolized true love and contentment and nothing could be more valuable. 

Keeping these heirlooms in circulation not only helps to preserve their history, but also their integrity and sentimental value.  If you feel the same way, then it's safe to say that you've landed in the right spot!  


Meet The Team

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