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"It's not how much we give but how much we love put into giving."

- Mother Teresa

Image by Melissa Askew

Local Community

In addition to being an officer for her neighborhood civic league, Samantha is also an active member of her local garden club.  She is passionate about keeping her local community clean, safe, and full of beautiful flowers.  


Samantha and her husband practice regenerative agriculture on their homestead, using the "Back to Eden" method.  Rebuilding the soil quality, by restoring its nutrients and minerals, is key to sustainable permaculture.   It also ensures the absence of chemical sprays, additional irrigation, commercial fertilizer, and pesticides.

Their home is also an official Pearl Home, which certifies that they incorporate eco-friendly practices on their homestead.  Some of the these practices include composting, recycling, reusing shipping materials, and landscaping accordingly.

Image by Roman Synkevych
Image by Lasclay

Butterfly Habitats

Vulnerable to extinction, the Monarch butterflies face several threats to their population.  Samantha is working to establish a local program that helps provide Milkweed to areas that would be ideal and safe for the Monarch's to lay their eggs.  Furthermore, it will help establish habitats for the eggs, so that the caterpillars have a greater chance of survival.

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