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​How Do I Place An Order?


Currently, our boutique items are solely in our Etsy shop.  One of our goals for 2024 is to also offer our estate pieces here, too.


Payment and Shipping


We require half down to start the work and then the remaining balance is due before we ship it.  Diamonds over .25ct and some larger semi-precious stones may require payment up front, separately, in order to secure the stone you want.  Basically, the diamond market can be similar to the housing market.

Do your diamonds come with certifications? 


Some do, some don't. We are very clear in the descriptions if the item does have a certification on it. However, just because it doesn't have a cert doesn't mean it isn't real or valuable, it just means no one took the time to send it in for proper documentation. It could also be due to the size of the stone, typically stones under a half carat aren't certified. This is pretty common business practice.

Can I request a certification be added to my diamond?


Diamonds that are over a half carat (.50ct), and purchased through Samantha Ro as a loose stone, may be certified through G.I.A. (Gemological Institute of America) before being set, for an additional fee. We do not offer certifications through any other company. The turnaround time on diamond certification varies and is solely in the hands of G.I.A. Samantha Ro has no control over their timing or delays. Typically, you can expect at least 4-6 weeks for a certification.

Do you offer appraisals? 


Items over $500.00 that are made at Samantha Ro will come with a Replacement Cost statement that should be acceptable through your insurance. This is basically a receipt with detailed descriptions and photos. We are unable to appraise items that we sell or create due to a conflict of interest. Estate items that have additional paperwork with them are from previous appraisals and Samantha Ro has no responsibility in their stated value. They are simply for the customers reference only.

How do you ship the jewelry? 


Jewelry over $500.00 is sent next day, with either FedEx or UPS.  Jewelry under $500.00 is sent priority USPS.  If you prefer a different shipping method you can contact us ahead of time to make alternate arrangements.  This may result in an additional fee.

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