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Estate Services 

Here is where we preserve the magic...

Whether you are looking to restore something or just need some guidance on what you have, we can help!  Samantha Ro takes the time to evaluate your pieces and discuss with you the best options that fit your needs.  


Sometimes it's hard to know what is monetarily valuable and what isn't.  If you're looking to sort through your collection to determine what you have, I can help you by working through each piece to help identify what is fine jewelry, designer, or costume. 

and coming up with the best plan of action. Even if it means not doing anything! 

Work Desk


If you've been sitting on some broken pieces that hold a special place in your heart, let's come up with a plan!  Each item will be thoroughly accessed to establish what work needs to be done and to set clear expectations of the final outcome and timeframe.  Being on the same page, when it comes to your sentimental treasures, is crucial.  Even if it means not doing anything.  Not all evaluations end up in restorations... and that's okay! 

Image by Nathan Dumlao


Parting with jewelry isn't always easy but it should to be simple.  If you're looking to sell your items, we offer a 6-month consignment term, on select items, with a flat broker rate of 35%.  We take care of all the photography, paperwork, taxes, and shipping.  

Image by Cornelia Ng


Samantha Ro has the right to refuse service to anyone and may be limited on travel availability due to any reason, which may or may not be disclosed.  

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