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Why does white gold turn yellow sometimes?

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

I could get super technical with you but I'll spare you my long and boring version and cut to the chase. #YoureWelcome

White gold isn't a natural metal like yellow gold is. It is basically yellow gold with a nickel alloy added to it to bring in the silverish color. At that point, it still isn't super "silver" or let's say "white", so we add what is called a rhodium plating on top to give it that super shiny color. Eventually, like any plating would, it will start to wear off... especially on rings. Excessive hand washing, wearing your rings while using cleaners (Windex, Clorox, etc.) and even your body chemistry can all be reasons why your rings turn faster. However, it is an easy fix! You just go to your local trusted jeweler and have them re-rhodium plate it. Easy peasy.

Now, I do want to add that anytime you have your jewelry worked on, there are a number of reasons that the plating would wear off while being serviced. Typically, rhodium plating is part of the service that the jeweler provides before returning the item to you. So don't be alarmed when you get your jewelry back and it looks super shiny!

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